I decided that the frequent asides are cluttering the blog, so I will delete all of the previous asides (links preserved below) and from now on instead do irregular posts of a collection of links with, I hope, some commentary to put the links in context.

Longevity and Health Care systems

Dead Sea Scrolls online

Our bipartisan apathy towards civilian drone deaths

Public school teachers are in fact over paid

Also teachers are sexist

And schools are bloated bureaucracies 

The church is more fun than I thought

According to the New York Times the right minimum wage is zero dollars

Gun control should mean controlling the governments guns

The Winner of the Election: George W. Bush

Disney buys Lucasfilm new Star Wars movies in the works

Diamonds are worthless 

The case for abolishing patents

Revolutionary Road

Why no one should vote for Obama

Alzheimer’s and diabetes

A map of childhood’s end

Legs broken Crutches distributed

China’s rise America’s fall

Neil Armstrong R.I.P.

Prehistoric brain found pickled in bog

The Grand Shi strategy of Ron Paul

American Class Mobility

How Norwegians react to terrorism

Google Street view in Antarctica

 I hate traffic lights

The strongest trade union in america

God the hidden tyrant?

Population density

Geography of government benefits

Faking the moon landings

Losing the war on people who use non-approved intoxicants

Ray Bradbury R.I.P.

Princeton students love Hitler

American evangelicals (not) behaving badly

Defined as a problem

Mother’s day behind bars

N.T. Wright sings Dylan

Tufte on the iPhone

Who profits from the drug war?

The cost of incarceration



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