A Better University Term Schedule

It seems that university term scheduling is broken. Why are summer terms relegated to second tier status if they are even included at all? With a standard 14 week plus one week break university semester you can comfortably fit in 3 equal terms and even have space left over for 5 one-week intensive miniterms if you wish.

Every professor need not teach a class every term, but can spread existing course-load over a wider array of options.

Even better would be 6 seven week terms where you attend class twice as much per week but take half as many classes at a time. The tradeoff here, of course, is that you have less time for extended projects and papers, and less time to bring up to speed students who fall behind before the final.

  1. Spring
  2. Spring
  3. Spring
  4. Spring
  5. Spring
  6. Spring
  7. Spring
  8. Break (Actually move for easter)
  9. One Week Intensive MiniTerm[1. That is a one week class in which you complete all of your readings by the first day, you attend 8 hours a day for 6 days, you take your midterm on monday and you take your final exam on saturday with your term paper/project due X weeks after the class.]
  10. Spring
  11. Spring
  12. Spring
  13. Spring
  14. Spring
  15. Spring
  16. Spring-Finals
  17. One Week Intensive MiniTerm
  18. Summer
  19. Summer
  20. Summer
  21. Summer
  22. Summer
  23. Summer
  24. Summer
  25. Break (actually move for july 4)
  26. One Week Intensive MiniTerm
  27. Summer
  28. Summer
  29. Summer
  30. Summer
  31. Summer
  32. Summer
  33. Summer-Finals
  34. One Week Intensive MiniTerm
  35. Fall
  36. Fall
  37. Fall
  38. Fall
  39. Fall
  40. Fall
  41. Fall
  42. Break(actually move for thanksgiving)
  43. One Week Intensive MiniTerm
  44. Fall
  45. Fall
  46. Fall
  47. Fall
  48. Fall
  49. Fall
  50. Fall-Finals
  51. Christmas
  52. Christmas
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