The Minimum Wage Debate in link form


With a binding minimum wage of w the marginal ...

With a binding minimum wage of w the marginal cost to the firm becomes the horizontal black MC ‘ line, and the firm maximises profits at A with a higher employment L . However in this example the minimum wage is higher than the competitive one, leading to involuntary unemployment equal to the segment AB. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


The Minimum Wage is Racist

Walter Williams Again

Social Mobility in America

The mainstream view on social mobility, and they speak with a british accent


The validity of price controls in a given market is not an empirical question

Empiricism anyway

More left wing empiricism

Empiricism the other direction


Krugman can’t make up his mind which way the empiricism points

A voice from the past

On good and bad arguments for the minimum wage

A thought expiriment for minimum wage proponents

Everybody got to be populist to buy the votes

Demand curves do slope downward

A conservatives case for the minimum wage, Immigrants suck


More conservatives myrmidons for increasing the minimum wage

Forget a minimum wage how about a guaranteed basic income?

Obama was against raising the minimum wage before he was for it

Fortune Magazine

No wage is cool but not anything between zero and the legal minimum

Let’s give the New York Times the last word


What if you don’t care and you just want to browbeat your opponents?

EDIT: I forgot one, look towards the end.

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